God is a God of grace and love. Law is simply a description of structure that is a part of the natural fallen environment of man. Law reflects “things as they are” without the dynamic of the Spirit’s involvement. Life comes through Spirit, not through law.

While law is in play and in man’s conscience, he is dead, because he knows he is condemned. God planned all things and brought the creation into being in the promise of ultimate life and glory. Complying with law can never lift man into life because it is simply a statement of how things are because of his sin. In other words, law reaffirms man’s death state.

God is and always was love and love alone, but man’s burning conscience, under law, sees God as a reality of remote righteousness that lays heavy burdens of unattainable targets on him. The realities of “things as they are” (law) were necessary to make man aware of his failure, so he would seek God’s answer to the futility in which he found himself.

God’s love grows and matures his ultimate creation, because he is Spirit and life, which is a description of what love is. Love is God’s very nature and the essence of his being, and only love can remain at the end of the creative journey, all else (law) will be dissolved because it was only a temporary structure, “scaffolding” for the final product.

[The law was temporary]



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