Scripture? The Apostles creed?  has it that Jesus descended into hell. There are many words translated as hell, including Sheoul, Hades, Gehenna and Tartarus as well as just “Hell”. I don’t know what word I would have preferred here, but Hades seems to be the original Greek?  [Greeks were quite superstitious].

My point being that where scripture? the Creed? claims he went to hell, it really means that he went to the grave, or the tomb, or the place of the dead. So he didn’t go to hell (2)  at that time, because he had already been to hell 1  when he was in the garden and when he hung on the cross, although this is not mentioned as such..

So he went to hell first, being that which is the experience of “punishment” for sin (ours). THEN he went to the hell of popular opinion as quoted in the Creed, but which is really the grave. [“The place of departed spirits”].

This got more complicated than I first thought – it appears that it is the “Apostles Creed” that is responsible for the “descent into Hell” issue, and there is no direct scriptural reference to this, although there are various scriptures that infer it, but mostly again to be suspected of misrepresentation in interpretation.

So whether or not “Hades” could be claimed as the word for Hell in this case, is not my concern. It is sufficient to draw attention to the confusion brought about by those seeking to draw an overview of biblical belief, and to point out that the real “hell” experience was on the cross.

[ May be of some help.   ]



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