The common theme for sects, cults and law is control. When those who have been brought up in systems of control then have children and bring them up also in this kind of environment, there can be the fireworks of rebellion. [even some minister’s children in “respectable” religions].

Sects and cults rely heavily on scripture and the distortion of scripture, to be able to present in disguise, what is really a controlling set of laws. The gospel  becomes a manifesto of law. Some people then are captivated by law and become addicted to living in this legal environment, while others totally rebel and go the other direction, kicking against all prescribed law or manner of law. There can also be the effect of distancing themselves from any good intentions those laws may have contained to the extent they set up and live by a new set of laws that operate at the bottom of the spectrum of life, the very opposite of the initial intention. [man’s Adamic failure springs to mind].

The Pharisees introduced this controlling kind of life to their followers and Jesus said to them that they relied heavily on their scripture “but it is they that testify of me”. So they turn love into law, the law Jesus came to set us free of. Paul said “the love of Christ controls me”. Paul in Romans 7 had no control over his flesh, even though, and because of, he had a conscience that told him what was right and wrong. The control of law had brought him to the point of rebellion and desperation. Wretched man that I am! Who will set me free? He had come to the dead end of “self” control, which turned out to be flesh/ego/law/sin control.

Children want to “do it themselves”. They have this natural inclination to independence so they can learn to operate in their environment*. This is actually the building block of creation, and needs to be nurtured correctly towards maturity. Even the very young child will push his parents hand away because he wants to feed himself. When they are subjected to heavily controlling influences that go beyond love and extend into law, their freedom to grow is threatened and a back-lash occurs. They then seek freedom in the worst ways and in the worst of places.

You can see in cults and sects what happens when someone does not “toe the line”. Because they are not being controlled by the Spirit of love, they resort to the law of the flesh, and shun or ostracize the “offensive”person. Some Christian forums are like this, having been set up simply to promote their particular legalistic slant on the gospel. While asking for viewpoints on a subject, they are quick to close the door on any that don’t measure up to their own doctrinal narrowness. They are not listening to the Spirit of truth but to the Spirit of the lie which lives in their flesh.

[* the problem is they become moulded to/by their environment] Csects Ccults


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