Deep inside all people is the longing for love, true love. Covering this, is the near absolute power of the flesh, and sin, to prevent access to this position and place of love.

It is the sense of condemnation, of purposelessness, of darkness and loneliness, of isolation, that sends people spiralling down into the well of death.

What knowledge and experience is gained, may be for “better or worse”, depending on what we end up being married to in life, the good or the bad.

The spiritual reality of all this depends on the communicative power of God towards us, and the resistance offered to that communication. “God has not left himself without witness”?

People born into this world are familiarised with sin, which is our description of bad stuff that contaminates our world and lives. To find anything that lifts man up and promotes “peace and goodwill”, has to be beneficial, in one way.

But what if world religions leave people “content” [semi-content] with their lot, maybe because they have not been confronted with the notion of a perfect God, or they have been blinded to the relationship between God’s love for his family, and our relationship to our families?

And even some “Christian” “Faiths” have to be included in this because of their legalistic attitudes.

One wonders about cultural impacts that divide natural affections through misplaced concepts and traditions that effectively erect barriers to the freedom of thinking that the better parts of our western Christian culture have enabled for so many years.

If they have not been confronted with the God we are aware of, even through the law that was handed to Moses, then they may remain frustrated because  the barriers of their traditional customs keep them remote from the principle of a forgiving God. And this frustration may boil over into social problems.

So the deep sense of, and desire for, Love, needs to be satisfied in order to inspire the best of life in mankind. Only love can  reveal the true purpose set forth for man’s existence, and that is, to be a part of love, to be joined to love, and to live for love. And so far, there appears to be only one God of [true] love in sight.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him should not die, but live forever.


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