This is really a few disjointed notes, which embrace a subject that came to me, but which hasn’t further developed, but is “right on the money” of explaining the Christian “thing”. (Getting cheeky with my language).

Are there two kinds of people, those under wrath and those not? Maybe some in between?

Is the problem, THAT WE FEEL WE HAVE A PROBLEM. There used to be a book called “I’m OK, You’re OK”. I’ve forgotten the Christian content (perhaps there was none), but it seems to indicate the kind of area I’m touching on.

Should there be increasing sensitivity to what is right, or should there be the taking of it away (remove the law?).

The conscience sensitivity may oscillate up and down in guilt feelings or otherwise.

Involved is “When the gentiles, who have not the law, do by nature that which the law contains, they show they are a law unto themselves, their consciences excusing them, or accusing them…[does this involve the words, written on their heart”?]

And the words “Away with him” which parallels the action of the flesh upon the intent and good will of the mind.   [later edit][heart?]

Then there is the word “antagonist”.  There are issues of the DEGREE of conscience, sensitivity, and cleansing. And the interaction of these effects. There is recognition of the Spirit.

This sounds like gobble-de-gook but a friend was in agreeance, who said the whole issue was about basically security and trusting and believing all was well. And a matter of what that was founded upon. I hope I can elaborate on this further…

To be continued……………………….?                                                {The creating of maturity?]

is it a matter of to what degree our conscience becomes firstly, sensitised, and then secondly, satisfied?


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