GARDEN ORCHIDS fragrant intoxication [48a]

please allow poetic license

The “Garden of Eden” is a picture of ourselves, each one of us represents a “first time creation”.

Adam and Eve represent complimentary yet conflicting sides to our nature, and are also representative of marriage, when “two become one flesh”.

As “first time” creations, we are subject to “the fall” that all humans contain within themselves.

Christ crucified represents that part of our nature that we “destroyed” by rejection of it, of him.

Christ risen is that reborn nature again within us, that comes by re-accepting, by trust and belief, that which we previously rejected, and destroyed, and which in turn, [by its absence] destroyed us.

The message of the cross contains this saving information.

The living Spirit of God re-injects life into us, as we accept his redemptive message.


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