God’s free gift to us is a clear conscience. This is because Jesus took upon himself, all that comes against our conscience, and rendered it null and void – of no effect – of no consequence to us, because he took the consequences for us. By believing this, our conscience is cleansed. Both in God’s eyes and in our own. The only way we can please God and to serve him and his purposes, is to accept this free gift of a clear conscience, from him.

If we truly believe in a God of love, we are forced to conclude that this is what he is about, that this is who he is and what he has done. And everytime we refer to our cleansing, or feel the need to call upon him and for reassurance of our cleansing, we automatically, inwardly, are also referring to the cost of that free gift. The fact that he took all that was against us into his own body of love. And that was a painful thing to do. So we are reminded of the reality of what sin costs everybody, including ourselves and also him. It is this reminder that confirms in us the reality of the cost, and in so doing, confirms in us the reality of his love for us.


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