Because of the negative spiritual impact of the former post, I felt I should add some information to aid understanding of the task of attempting to explain theology, as against explaining spiritual reality, which is probably what should be happening anyway.

The Spirit can only inhabit a prepared place. We can produce spirits of our own, but the Holy Spirit or “The Spirit of Christ” needs to inhabit that which has been prepared for it by the word of God. (“Seed”).

The problem with Adam was that he went for the analysis, or rationalisation of God’s words. The word itself says to “receive meekly the implanted word” “which is able to save you”.

The word needs to be living, whereas by analysis it is killed. This is what the law does, since law is rationalisation, or analysis, or depiction (idol?) of the living word. The law is a detached view of the living Spirit.

There is a place or places in us where the imagination, or other building blocks, are allowed to build on the Spirit’s information. This is largely occurring as a product of obedience (to the Spirit). The fruits of obedience are the establishment of the fruits or results of the Spirit.

“We will make our home with him, come to live in him”. Rationalisation and analysis, stop the Spirit dead in his tracks. The cross also, was said to have its power destroyed by? non simplicity?

The Spirit cannot “live” while it is in the process of being analysed. Analysis also provides a timeframe period view that prevents the Spirit  from operating as a spontaneous function of the immediate moment.

“Lest the cross of Christ be emptied of its power” Corinthians? “Words of wisdom”.

the sower sows into the space, the heart, the imagination. Now a word about “Jesus learned obedience through what he suffered”. I would imagine that it means that his obedience was proved by his suffering, or in his suffering. It would indicate perseverance. And things are by faith because it indicates the willingness to believe, the desire to do so.

So while attempt may be made to explain things by certain ways and means, it sometimes involves detachment from the dynamic of the Spirit, in order to explain or relate how it is perceived in the world at large. And this doesn’t always work.

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