What is “the right thing”? Judges 21-25 says “every man did that which is right in his own eyes”.

Imagine if the bees each did this. There would be no honey, as each bee would be “hiving off” to do their own thing. They would ignore the colony and their queen bee instead of working for the good of the hive.

Same with ants if they refused to work collectively as intended, and raced off into the distance without the collective instinct guiding them with a distinct purpose.

And if the moon were not to follow its designated orbit? Likewise the sun or stars, there would be catastrophic events. The whole creation has co-operative purpose, unless we look at man.

Every man simply does that “which is right in their own eyes”. Well, hang on a moment, how did they all get to perfect the judgement necessary to “do the right thing”? How do they know what “the right thing” IS?

Well, they don’t. Everybody is subject to various experiences that lead them to think they are capable of “good” decisions. But most of these decisions are NOT centred around giving the maximum benefit to the maximum people.

People’s “right thing” is usually different, and usually slanted towards SELF. So we have all these varieties of “right things”, probably NONE of which are “right”.

How can people even begin to approach an ultimate notion of “right” when they mostly don’t give it a second thought?

COMPARATIVE “rightness” is not rightness at all. There has to be an ABSOLUTE standard where everybody can gain from whatever it is that is proposed.

Now, biblical people seem to have made an “art-form” out of deciding what the right thing is for everybody. Trouble is, some of them can’t agree on what that is. Yes they believe in a God, hopefully the one that fathered Jesus, but their idea of “the right thing” is to come up with lot’s of do’s and don’ts about a lot of things that don’t really matter.

Even though Jesus said “love is the fulfilling of the law”, some of them want to talk about those laws instead of the love that fulfills those laws. They fail to recognise that “the greater thing/one” is here, and that the old ways are superseded by the new.

People talk about someone “doing the right thing” as though it were optional, that it is only how YOU see it being the right thing. Well, the only other option is doing the WRONG thing. There is an absolute standard, and we call “it” God. There is only one “right thing” and we need to connect with it while we have the opportunity, before it is too late.


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