Natural man is living under law, or “the law”. To be analytical by nature is to be living by law.  Jesus undertook to explore this law nature for us, so he might exploit its weaknesses and overcome them. He himself did not live by law. Although intensely aware of its presence.

Man was, from the garden story, driven away from the God given natural elixir or essence of life, by deviating off the pathway and into the bramble bushes.

He left the natural flow of the Spirit and entered a world of self-determination, from whence, of himself, there was no return. True, there was much to explore in this “free and easy” life, but every step forward into this unexplored territory, implicated him in a greater scenario of wrong doing.

In amongst this apparent freedom, he gradually became aware that it was really a trap, a snare, and rather than being free, that he was a captive to the web of intrigue he had created within and without himself. He became aware of a freedom, THE freedom, that he had left behind when self determination seemed a good idea, but which now lay on “the other side of the fence”. There was no return.  [leaving home can be daunting].

Every step taken away from God’s Spirit, is another step in the procession of steps into the processes of law. Every step into the processes of law, brings with it the recrimination of self error and failure.

How can this situation be recovered? The entity that we are has become tainted, corrupted. The light of life has dimmed, darkened, and all but extinguished. Darkness pervades our soul. We are carrying a burden of loss, of sorrow, of guilt. Where are you, light?  Where are you freedom?

Law is a statement of fact, and the fact is, we are lost, doomed and destroyed under this burden of travelling to nowhere land, the place of death, the elephant graveyard of bones. All is dry and dusty here. Where is the promise of life that was held out before me? Was I misled? Was there a choice made by me, of two possible options in life? Or have I been making the same wrong choices all along the way.

What is this whispering voice that seems to hiss in my ear, and why has its presence seemed to be less, the more I have grown used to it in automatic compliance to its “demands”,  for it has become demanding, whereas it seemed to start as my friend, my co-explorer of life. It seemed to offer me independence, it offered me a life “of my own”, but it was trickery, it was treacherous, but it was too late.

But then a noise, a door is opening, a chink of light appears. A cross, silouhetted against the rising of a new dawn, illuminating my pain. The light reveals every step I had taken in darkness, every wrong move I made. The light is burning into my soul, yet not punitively, but redemptively.

It reveals to me the law of sin and death. It reveals to me the law of love and life. It embraces me with the soft voice of a loving Father, “Come Home”, – Yet, Stay! And I will come to you, and fulfill your purpose in life, with life.

His words burn in my heart, separating my life from my death. His love renews my spirit, gripping my heart. And draws me into the heart of his love, who is Jesus, the son of his love, so we too, may be sons and daughters of that love, that life eternal may dwell in us, and we in him.

He is coming soon, and may his love be to us as a natural thing, permeating us with eternal life, separating our life, which is His life, from our death. May we not be found among those to whom his love finds no welcome, but only finds a corrupted law riddled nature, that, being foreign to him, will be consumed by him, even as he consumed it on the cross, and who can allow only that which is of love to remain forever.


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