The process of law wrath death, along with sin guilt and all that…

When man left the world of compliance (with the essence who is God), he developed his own world of interrelating laws – he developed his own Kingdom.

This kingdom is a world of death, a world set up in isolation from God, and a world which was temporary, only continued through procreation, but the individual himself, died, terminated.

The world of God that he left, was the (real) spiritual world of love, of the source of life, and the only substance that could continue with life.

Man’s world was intruded upon by God’s world in the form of Jesus. He took part in our nature without allowing himself to be subjected to its laws. He brought his own (God’s) nature to bear on the world at large, communicating his knowledge to men.

He overcame the processes of death within his body, and was transformed into the Spiritual nature from which he (and we) came.

The world set up by a system and structure of laws, is bogus, a counterfeit of God’s reality. (The law of Moses set up to control man’s law system was also temporary).

The mind of the flesh is that mind which runs along the corridors of this legal system, the corridors of futility and death. All our dodgy thought systems. There is no happy outcome for this.

The mind “run by” the Spirit however, is the mind of peace, in servitude (in love) of God.

I strongly suspect that the key lies in one’s identification with the truth, just as Jesus did. And the truth being that God has reverted us all back to himself, the thing is to be sure, to reinforce, to assert*, your identity as a son of God, as an extension of THE Son of God. [*believe with your heart and confess with your mouth].

To identify with THIS world is to identify with “the mind of the flesh”. To identify with HIS world, is to identify with the “mind of the Spirit”.

Furthermore, we are to “know and rely on the love God has for us”.

It is easy at any time to be sucked into the mind of the flesh, by challenge that comes as stresses and temptations, because of scenarios being presented to us in earthly problematic format. We are so used to addressing everything in this way, that immediately some situation comes up, we respond with the “earthly answer” to it. This could mean that we enter a no-win situation that ends with us venting our anger at it. And sometimes in the guise of righteous anger, where it is actually just earthly frustration with the situation.

The challenges that come this way are to be considered as to be met with a heavenly, rather than an earthly response. We are children of God. Sons and Daughters. Live in love. “Live a life of love”.

It is when we try to continue to live in the old life while containing the new, and by not making obvious that we no longer are going to respond to “sinful” stimuli, and by not “confessing with the mouth” who we are and who we belong to, that we have difficulty with who we are, and consequently difficulty with how we respond, both in thought and in action.

“We” have to decide who we are, and to act like it. “Let thine eye be single”, and “if you are lukewarm I will spew you out of my mouth”. Say who you are, and be who you say you are, so you might be who you are. Self confession of the truth that you are a son or daughter of God.



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