There was a question posed on “christianity stack exchange” which was “In Galatians 4-19, what is the meaning of “Christ formed in you.” [and does it relate directly to salvation] Somewhat disappointed that they deleted my answer, I thought it worth giving here.

“As with all questions and answers, there are a multiplicity of scriptural references and understandings, based on individual experience and including  length of time they have, possibly over many years, spent with scripture. Therefore, simply quoting scripture is not enough, and quite often is detrimental to aiding understanding, as most people have knowledge of scripture, and that is why they ask the question in the first place. The answer is fairly obvious, that is, that Paul is condemning the Galatians because they are reverting to law instead of Spirit. By “Christ again be formed in you” he is saying that they have not “within them”, the “Christian faith”. His statement to them may be more of a warning than a condemnation, but he is being very blunt with them. Christianity is virtually the opposite of law, since law brings wrath and death. “He has abolished the law”. The Galatians were reverting to the Judaistic religious system, which Christianity had left behind. The new Christian life was based on a new Spirit of life, based on forgiveness. Reception of grace/forgiveness brought this new spirit, which they were to live by, not rules and regulations. The “forming of Christ” is the composite of the whole process of conversion, which leaves man as regenerated, and includes Spirit and newness of mind.”


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