This will be a few notes, followed by a composition.

Suppressing the WILL?

The “raw” human nature spirit needs inhibiting. hence law. (control).

Changing what SELF wants? Can/should self survive? [Christianity][the love of Christ constrains (controls) me. [divine guidance]

Casting “self” in a new role? REDIRECTING “self”. The redirection of self.

THE FREEDOM OF THE UNINHIBITED SPIRIT. From the great weight and burden of sin?

“Do not quench the [holy] Spirit”.

FREEDOM!! Raw, rebellious man needs to be controlled. (by law). The education process towards “Christ Spirit”.

Sex and the unrestrained spirit? Confrontation with the world? “you have not yet resisted [sin] to the point of shedding your blood”.

FREEDOM OF SPIRIT = PENTECOSTALS? Proving real or counterfeit.

“it is for freedom that Christ has set us free”.

(Hostile) world social environment. IF YOU ARE DIFFERENT, you will be killed*.

For being a Christian. For being a girl. For being a cripple. For “having a demon”. [for being homosexual]


From all the above. If man’s spirit is not controlled or directed, anarchy would result. People are brought up in cultures which have their individual ways of signifying acceptable behaviour. Some of these may be elementary, some sophisticated. None of them may be right as far as conforming to God’s “expectation” goes, and some of them may have taboos and practices that appear to be primitive and cruel.

Where all these different ideas come from as to how to conduct a social group, is a matter of conjecture. Man’s mind appears capable of many things, and his ideas of how to control people seem to be the root cause of many religions, There has to be recognised those groupings that arise from fleshly thinking, even if they appear relatively benign like Buddhism. Then there are others like those that appear to be rooted in male domination for the simple satisfaction of the flesh, and are governed by the god of fear and hate, even though the opposite is supposed to be the case. These are they who operate purely on the basis of law, the law of sin and death. Middle eastern religion, whether Arab or Jew, seems to carry a strong spirit, which to us often appears irrational.  Nevertheless, the Spirit “attached” to Israel is the one we recognise as carrying the qualities that a true “God” should exhibit. The writings that appear from this Spirit carry the full import of grace and mercy, as opposed to the simplistic practices of other religions. For man to be made in the image of these other gods, is perhaps true – where the spirit under discussion is unrestrained, or not liberated in the good sense, then though it be constrained by religious practices, underneath it seeths with the desire for release. [frustration].

And so to the subject matter. Does man, for the most part, live within a restricted zone, having his spirit confined within the parameters of acceptable social behaviour?

Is it possible to educate him towards, and ultimately into, a direction which allows for the release of his spirit, in a way which would be spectacularly good. Is this what we are seeing with Christianity?

If LOVE can be shown to be a mode in which man can operate freely and “responsibly”, in which the full impact of himself as a human being can be realised, would this then not justify the existence of a God of that nature?  [somewhat hypothetical].

Once LAW is removed, in an environment that provides the nurturing of the “spirit of benevolence”, can and will the result be spectacular for mankind? Is this what we see at Pentecost?

Given that there are people who claim that today the same experience can be “had”, would that not then be a reasonable explanation of their often “unrestrained exuberance”?  The same exuberance that either mimics, or substantiates, the exhibition of tongues and prophecy. Or even of “estatic utterance”, as some traditionalists like to call “tongues”?

Does this then not make “Pentecostals” worthy of consideration as a “true” church? Even though there be many who warn against it, perhaps this is only because they have not achieved the same level of uninhibited, possibly unrestrained, release of the spirit of man, and correspondingly then because of compatibility with, the release of the Spirit of God?

Once death has been assigned its place [in the grave with Jesus], maybe then life can also find its proper place in us. That life that was always meant to be, by being set free.

If we raise the proposition that people should be “set free”, then we have to ask the questions, from what, by what, and to what? Christianity answers “from sin and death” “by Christ” “to the living true God of true life”.

[*parallel here with God’s outcome?]  [from Eden, the word prohibition is also appropriate]

[In some cultures it is possible that some of man’s “anarchy” becomes formalised within their law structure, so possibly even more ills come from the religion/culture than would have been without the religion/culture] [ie rather than the better parts of man’s nature being protected, they in fact become victimised]


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