Occasionally I watch xxxxx xxxxx on TV. She has much to say about the ills of Christians in today’s America. Endlessly going into detail of the rights and wrongs of it all, and endlessly delving into scripture to try and get people to change their state of being.

Rarely does she actually deliver the gospel message. All these problems that are quoted, and then tried to be fixed by comparing them to bible verses, have the same approach as the law. “Thou shalt pull thyself up with thy bootlaces”.

She doesn’t tell them that all these things are called “the works of the flesh”, and that they are simply the poison of death as coming from a system of law. She doesn’t (or rarely) tell them there is a new birth to be had, that the answer to all their problems is to simply swap their death for his life, and that whatever the less than perfect manifestation is that is affecting their life, can be overcome by swapping their spirit for His. [by belief]

Admirable as bible study may be, it sometimes becomes too much like a whole new set of rules, laws, and regulations. God wants to give us his spirit! His life! His solution! If you are “born again” and have experienced anything at all of “The first resurrection”, you won’t have to ask why you feel that your life is making you unhappy, because it is His life you will be thinking about, rather than your “death”. All of the problems being talked about, come back to one thing, they are things that come from the flesh, the flesh that was “crucified with Christ”.

Christ has dealt with sin and death, it is “null and void”, there is no point in puddling around in it,  wallowing in it, of dragging it up all the time, trying to give it legs, when Jesus has cut it off completely. Death is dead, the things of death have all been assigned to death, and that’s the end of it. Life is a free gift, he has abolished the law, he has abolished death. Anything that comes against your Life in Him, is not of him. Darkness has been banished, Light is shining! If you know his forgiveness then you know his love.

This may be a cheap shot so I apologise to xxxxx, No doubt she is doing a lot of good in the world, I just wish that sometimes she would get to the point, or even mention the point!

[Later edit. A recent sermon was actually closer to the point, well done!]


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