Putting Humpty Dumpty Back Together Again [127a]

Man has a dual nature that causes inner conflict. This is akin to separation from God that was caused by the “fall”. This separation is a real void or gap [as per the rich man] that is caused by the consciousness of inner guilt.

The reconciliation of this gap can only occur from an outside source, because there is no inner means by which to do this. Once a recognisable authoritative outer source has been seen to intervene, then the acquired knowledge from that intervention carries the key to bridging, reconciling the gap. By removing the “enmity”.

The presence of the gap causes a lack of peace. The removal of the gap introduces peace.

God is seen to carry our burden of guilt on the cross. By this he is seen to be on our side, to be for us, to be able to know our pain and sorrow. He takes it all a step further, by equating our inner death with actual physical death, and then eternal life, thus raising the stakes.

His communication to us of his son, invokes in us the Spirit of Christ, who carries and bears forgiveness for all, and provides life for all. So we become similar creatures who are now able to reconcile within ourselves what were the previously unreconciled issues involved, because now we have the knowledge of forgiveness and mercy, so we can have forgiveness and mercy on ourselves, even as he has had for us.

Because he has forgiven us, we can forgive ourselves and others. Because we see that our sin has been met by his death, we can accept the justice involved on the one hand, but are consequently confronted with our debt to him, on the other hand. But in all of this we are freed from our prior bondage to sin and death, and so are liberated towards Spirit and life.

From where comes this “magical” Spirit? You will notice that mention of the Spirit is inevitably tied to mention of the heart. The word speaks of softness or hardness of heart. We equate the heart with the more emotional, deep feelings that we normally seek to cover up, those feelings that tended to die as we hardened our conscience.

The heart is more the true representative of who we really are, in contrast with the ego, the self, the flesh, the selfishness of life, and the darkness of sin. The inner heart still retains the knowledge of innocence, of childhood, of a simple love in a time before we became conscious of sin. The word implores us “do not harden your heart”. We harden our heart against hurt, against the knowledge of a God of love, whom we offended when we injured our own heart and sensibilities of love and beauty. When we trashed what God had given us as we explored it for gain, for independence.

Independence is a lie, and he has drawn us back into himself through the son of his love, into his truth, that we once more be dependent on him for our source of life, that we become whole creatures once more, in the security of his loving guidance.


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