Just to connect slightly with the subject so as to raise awareness that there ARE things outside of that which we can see and touch, that there ARE things we can’t explain, and that science can’t either.

People DO see “Ghosts”. This is very well established and can be testified to by many people. Just what they are seeing though, is open to question. Often people who have been heavily emotionally impacted in some way, may see or hear or feel something out of the ordinary. Often this occurs after the death of a loved one, for example. It is also common for such bereaved to have dreams of the departed, as their mind seeks some release from the psychological pressure.

People who are mentally stressed, sometimes also to the level where they are exhibiting symptoms of mental illness, may exhibit paranormal type phenomena. This can also be connected to strong spiritual or religious delusion.

ESP or mental telepathy is experienced by many on a daily basis. Though couples who have spent a lot of time together may actually mimic this by having sharpened senses which are perhaps an intuitive response rather than esp. Nonetheless, because they are “one flesh”, they are perhaps more likely to be spiritually in tune with each other than non-couples.

Water divining.  [“it works”] (And other forms of “divining”.) In the bible it mentions “familiar spirits”. There was a case where Paul was troubled by some woman following him around and declaring that he was a messenger from God, or suchlike. Paul eventually commanded the spirit to come out of her. Her “handlers” were cranky at Paul because they had used her for fortune telling to make money.  [ It is interesting that rather than Paul “jumping on her” from the outset, which one would expect if she really was perceived as “an agent of the devil”, he tolerated her for a while before finally acting.]

Men and women have a spiritual nature. In fact, everything is of spiritual nature because God is “in all, and through all”? IE He permeates all space and matter. This is why he knows the fall of the sparrow, and how “every hair on your head is numbered”. It also says “…ye are gods”.

So “familiar spirits” may refer simply to the more common aspects and “presence” of that spiritual nature that people misuse, and which seems to occur more naturally in some people than in others. This could also appear in religious guise as claiming some authority from God, but passing judgement on such would be a serious matter of discerning between the Spirit of God and some other spirit.

I might make mention also of people who claim to be in touch with the dead. The information they come up with is derived from those living present relatives, from their spiritual memory banks, that is, where it is not downright trickery. There also may be some sort of spiritual “common pool” of information in those cases that appear to be inexplicable.

And while on the subject of “funny stuff”, the information regarding UFO’s can evidence a high degree of “psychic” type phenomena. This suggests delusive influences at work, and also the possibility of mass hysteria. There is no possible place for these phenomena in scriptural matters. In fact, one of the best possible deceptions would have to be one which included a “UFO” landing in Jerusalem with an emerging silver glowing occupant pronouncing “I’m back”! But that would be too easy to spot!


2 thoughts on “EVIDENCE OF THE SUPERNATURAL [153b]

  1. Hi Daniel, thanks for your comment. (Did you mean “Holy Spirit?”). The classic case of interaction with the dead is where Saul via the witch of Endor summons up Samuel, the dead departed prophet, which activity was strictly forbidden by scripture/God. “Samuel” spoke with/to Saul. It appears it was God who brought about this interaction to confirm Saul’s condemnation. Such activity I see as something that is false and deceiving, and a manipulation of and by the latent spirituality of God’s world. The dead cannot be contacted for the simple reason that they are dead. This includes praying to the dead. But by seeking to do so, the inherent dark spirituality that is the reverse of God’s spirit is invoked, and man enters/creates the world of the “medium” and deceptive (familiar) spirits, and possibly “demonic” activity, which is in the realm of the antichrist and also of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.


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