Unless you receive the kingdom like a little child you will never enter it. This is not only that you will not be allowed to enter it, but that you of your will, will not enter it. It is the exercising of someone’s will that prevents the state of child likeness to occur.

And it is not Christ who prevents anyone from this child like acceptance of the gospel. And why is a child like acceptance necessary? Because the autonomous position in life that man has taken, is the enemy of the Kingdom of God. In order to enter God’s kingdom, one has to first leave his own kingdom.

I have observed how those belief systems that deny the simple acceptance of Christ’s sacrifice as being all encompassing in terms of sin removal, penalty, and the removal of sins effects forever, are the ones that have the most marriage breakdowns. When the real thing is substituted for the false, man’s autonomy continues  to operate from the fleshly kingdom he has instituted. Even the most sincere person cannot ultimately survive if they are in a religious system that is legalistic because they have legalistically denied Christ his rightful place as ultimate liberator.

Not to accept the rulership of Christ, is to retain the autonomy that was brought in by Adam, and this results in self righteousness, because having lost true righteousness, it is the only other kind around. Receiving like a little child is to revoke autonomy. Where autonomy is retained, simple following of the Spirit does not happen.

Groups that deny the absolute obliteration of sin/guilt by the sacrifice of Christ, are those whose doctrines disallow this simplicity of belief, by varying the absoluteness of the cross, and so causing autonomy to be retained. This means the flesh still has control.

[“Trying to be Christ-like” places tremendous burdens on individuals and relationships]

[God’s loving forgiveness is constant and unchanging. Why would we choose to remain in death?]


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