Judaism continues to deny their saviour, continues to deny that God’s final representative to the earth has come, refuses to accept Jesus in any shape or form. I have yet to look further at this, but it seems they must deny him even as a prophet! Else they would have to recognise and concede his words as coming from “their” God.

There are other religions that recognise him as a prophet, in a different way, but that is because they see things differently. Judaism is at least seemingly aligned with the basics of truth, even if it cannot accept him who IS the truth.

The LAST representative on earth is of course the Spirit, who is the legacy of Jesus, the Spirit given to man who believes, and the primary fire of the earth’s cleansing. The Spirit is the lead cleansing strike of the main conclusive strike of the lightning to follow.

Advocates of the Torah are denying their history and their destiny, denying their salvation, as they did also in Jesus time. [those who are modern day Torah advocates, can’t even use the name of Jesus, but sidestep it into other derivatives for their own nefarious purposes].


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