The question regarding why Christianity should claim to be the only true religion is involved here. It is because what you believe governs your thoughts and their outcome, that gives the answer to the question.

There are two parts to this. The one is that in question is the outcome of a man’s life, whether it be death or life, and the other is the authority which naturally comes with the other, since such a question must involve serious authority.

There is no other religion which seriously claims to restore the human body from a position of death as Christianity does. There is no other religion whose principal seriously claims to be God himself, or at least, the son of God.

By using the words “I Am” Jesus implied the authority of God was involved. By saying we will die in our sin he conveys to us that unless we change our thinking, we will wear the consequences of not believing that which otherwise would change us.

Nobody else has claimed to be the son of God and capable of changing the state of man’s sinful status by belief. No one else has claimed to be able to destroy death in his own body for the benefit of all other men.

Sinning is one thing, dying in sin is another. Once a person has “died in their sin”, they are “locked in” to that status from which they will not emerge unscathed.

Are we to accept that the “other” world religions take this seriously? That they recognise LOVE as the main ingredient in the action taken to rescue them from themselves?

Jesus stated beforehand, “destroy this temple (his body) and in three days I will raise it up”. This was no mere prophet or sage or wise man, none of them have ever engaged to this extent the dilemma in which man finds himself. This is one claiming to have authority and power over death.

Unless someone missed it, the reality of death is about the biggest event facing human life today, and always has been. Here we have a religion that claims to have solved the matter of a defective and corrupted creation. Here we have a man who claims to be God, and spent three years in full view of the people demonstrating his authority over creation and its defects. Here we have a whole nation with a comprehensive history leading up to the predicted events that ultimately took place. We also have the events predicted to show the  future of the world.

For anyone to seriously suggest that any other religion can begin to approach the detailed sophistication involved simultaneously with its simple truth, means they have refused to  open their eyes to it, or that because it is not what they want to hear, they discard it because they have other desires in mind. What we want to believe or not, is what separates the sheep from the goats of course. “My sheep know my voice”. The goats will listen to the voice of hell, and be led in that direction.

Believing that “I am He” means both that he has the authority of God and that he is the one who was predicted to arise to “save his people from their sins”. That he was Messiah, Saviour, Christ.

So of course there is only one religion with these kind of credentials. There is only one name that is involved, being  JESUS. If any other religion can offer up similar credentials then they could be examined for credibility. But there are none, most of them promising life but in reality all end in death. Most are fairy tales, some simply poor copies of the reality to be found in Christ.


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