Since God’s love is freely available to all, then potentially, all people have been released from death. The fact that they have not been, of course, is because they do not believe in him, his love, or his son who won them the right, visibly gave them access to that love.

God’s love is simply a way of describing him, his nature, who and what he is, and his “world”. His truth.

This is how it has always been, that for whatever reason, people deny and decide against, a God (the God) of love, of justice and righteousness.

And it was into that situation that he sent his heart, his Son, to provide a means for people to recognise him and return to him. To accept or reject, depending on whether they are predisposed to recognise love and the lack of it; pain and suffering in the world caused by the absence of love.

What God has done of course, is not so much releasing man from death to life, but making him aware of the realities involved. That life does and always has existed in Him and through him, because of him.

He has plainly established that death has no authority, no power, in the face of his love, of Him.  He has demonstrated that his love is so potentially life giving, that life is a “fait accompli” and only pure ignorance keeps people from it. And mostly, that ignorance is not so much innocent as it is willing. Willing to remain in darkness and to hold everyone else in that darkness also.

By God’s word and the demonstration of his power in Christ, death has been seen to be stripped of its power over man. According to his word, only disbelievers are now in the grip of death. For believers, death is done with, gone from their horizon, foreign to their “economy of life”.

Where death is gone, life is abundant. By believing God.

The verses that say “ask what you will and it will be done for you” and others which seem to spell it out more accurately, “Believe that you have it and you [will] have it” indicate that it is only as you enter into God’s reality that the reality of God can enter into you. So the “simple” call to “faith” is really saying “conform to his reality by believing that what he says is true”. As John said, it is when your heart does not condemn you, this is when you have that confidence in God that is spoken of.  And he has uncondemned your heart.

So a “grain of mustard seed” is very small, but is very precise and concise. Just like God’s word, it is conformant to a pattern that denotes its identity, and he calls us to live within that identity, as given us through Christ.

Death is dealt with. By faith, death is gone. Transferred from death to life, by believing it.

[It is only as you enter into God’s reality that God’s reality can enter into you]

[Luke 17 -14 As they went, they were healed]. [“I, when I am lifted up, will draw all men to me” by his blood, but in that “drawing” it was his love that cleansed] [the heart]

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