LIFE BEYOND EGO – [link] [263a]

This is a link to an interesting subject, the “ego”, which I think is another way of saying the corruption of the flesh.      (you may have to click on the article to make the link live).

[just a thought] Surely there is still a place for “me” or “I”  because it is the flesh that is killed, not the identity of “me”, who still has to exist to give permission to faith to work by the Spirit [of love]. Paul says “it is not I, but sin that dwells in me” in Romans 7. I become a slave to God instead of to sin, I give my will to him, I serve righteousness. The death spoken of is that achieved by faith in HIS death for me, not by me “doing” it, although that is the consequence of such faith, by obedience to the Spirit. Yes, “I” died, but this was the cleansing death by faith in and identification with, Christ in his death. It was death to my “flesh”, the corrupted nature of man that came through the Adamic lie, that released me into HIS life, by faith.

[ I disagree that “ego is the separating point between us and the world, us and our fellow human beings …” – I think ego unites us with them – But certainly ego “separates us from God”.] [since ego is the state in which all who are participant in the “lie” share as “human nature” (flesh).]

[ (:) PS the writer obviously has never heard electrostatic loudspeakers! (:) ]


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