Exploratory theology.

God is not concerned about the presence of death, He is concerned about the absence of life. Death He can deal with*, but the absence of life is irrecoverable.

This proposition is based on such as “As far as East is from West, so far have I removed your transgressions from you”, and, “I will remember your sins no more”.

Somehow, we need to see that death, sin, and the old life, are completely “out of the picture”, and are no longer a factor in anything. That He has dealt with and done with it for all time. The reason that its power is destroyed is because it NO LONGER EXISTS as a factor in the greater scheme of things.

Sin and death were inevitable collateral damage in the universe, in the creation. But God factored it into the plan of life, by excluding death, to be taken on faith. Its power is destroyed in that what is, cannot be altered. It can only be death, it remains unchangeable.

There is nothing anybody can do to bring leverage to bear on God, or to bear on circumstances that might change the outcome of what has already been decided.

Death is dead, and all those who remain in death are dead. No-one can alter or dictate the conditions or circumstances by which death may or may not be removed, since the matter has been resolved for all time. [non-negotiable].

It really is a simple matter of death being death, it cannot be revived, it remains dead. There only exists the possibility of emerging from death into life. That is all.

What is pronounced through Christ is this inevitability of death. [the death that he took]  And so its alternative, or opposite number, is life.  Once one turns from death, there is only life, that is the only other option. Christ passed through death to become the focal point of that life and to provide the spiritual nourishment and encouragement necessary to succour that new life, which from its beginning can only grow and mature.

*has done with.

[Support for this proposition can only be the reality of the Spirit. Negation of this proposition cannot occur in the presence of the Spirit. Denial that death is dead can only come from death, from the absence of the Spirit.  – “All things are lawful..but I will not be mastered by anything”. This world is a launching pad into the next.]

[water baptism is the recognition that this world is dead. Spirit baptism is the entering into the recognition of the next world][counter intuitive is “He has abolished death” so I have to mention this]

Composed 20th October 2016


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