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Here I provide a link to the story of an ex xxxxxx. He is one of the fortunate few who, after leaving this group, was able to re-enter the Christian faith and discover the real truth to be found in Christ. I say fortunate because many who leave this group are then left far removed from any semblance of faith – they mostly become atheists, and there is a website sadly devoted to promoting the cause of atheism as a reaction against their bad experience within xxxxxx. The reason why they are left “out in the cold” is because this group do not believe in interaction with the living Spirit of God. So never having had or known the Spirit, they are left with nothing when they leave.

There are other groups to whom the same criteria apply, “world wide church of god”, the Herbert Armstrong group are another who have caused the birth of a web site with people telling their sad tales of what amounts to emotional abuse.

Link to “Why I left the xxxxxx” by Allon Maxwell. [ ]

Link to Armstrong WCG former members [ ]

Further link [ ] [ ]

further xxxxxx references [ ]   [ ]  [,84561 ]

13 thoughts on “THE EX xxxxxx [240b]

  1. Every denomination has people who leave the group. Christadelphianism is not an exception. By all leavers of a Christian denomination we can find people who start ‘fighting’ against their previous church and those who become atheist.

    You wrongly say of Christadelphians that that “group do not believe in interaction with the living Spirit of God.”. Christadelphians do not exclude the Power of God at all. For them it is a major influence in the life of the believer; It is the interaction with the Force of God (The Holy Spirit) which enriches a believer.


    • I think the key thing here is that you refer to the Spirit as “the power of God” and “the force of God”, which is a Christadelphian doctrine, instead of “the presence of God” which normal believers see as indwelling them.


      • Being Christadelphian, yes we may speak from that point of view. But the Holy Spirit is the Power of God and not an other identity or godhead. God Himself is an eternal Spirit Who does not abandon His people or those who want to love Him. God is it Who calls and Who comes to people. those calling unto God may feel His presence. We do not ignore an indwelling of the Spirit or God being with us. (We do not have any idea why you would think that we do not believe us to receive the Power of God in us. ??)


      • But even speaking as a Christadelphian, you surely must recognise that the basic teachings of Christadelphia recognise the Spirit as that which becomes “formed” in a person as a result of the influence of the word? Rather than being the Spirit of God himself? Again I would understand Thomas and Roberts to be the reference for this? But again you have used the words “the power of God” rather than the presence of God.


      • You are talking about two different things. The brain of man has to grow and in our head we do have to allow teachings and experiences take form. Our brain has to cope with things. We have to think and as such we call the result of such activity the formation of our spirit, the way we shall behave etc.. As such we do have to work at getting the right spirit, even so that we come to have a similar spirit or mind as Christ. Without the Presence of God there can be no Power of God at work in us.


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  3. I am surprised that there are “Christadelphians” who do not seem to be aware of what their
    “founding fathers” laid down. John Thomas and Robert Roberts put out foundational material which does not seem to agree with your point of view. Are you not aware of their teachings?


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  5. You yourself mention that you bring words here from one of the few who left Christadelphianism.You should know ther are in percentage manymore people leaving their Christian denomination than in Christadelphianism or in some other non-trintiarian groups, though you would not consider those trinitarian Churches to be cults or sects, even when they do much more to keep people in their flock and by whom it might be much easier to enter but more difficult to leave that church. In many non-trinitarian churches or denomination it is much more difficult to enter but very easy to leave.

    You also seem to overlook that for Christadelphians God Himself is the Unseen Eternal Spirit Who calls people and is always there to be with them. As such a Christadelphian can pray directly to God and believe that God will answer him or her, because he or she trusts God and counts on His Power (the Holy Spirit).

    Christadelphians are not at all left “out in the cold” because you think wrongly that this group would not believe in interaction with the living Spirit of God. That shows that you seem to have not enough knowledge of Christadelphian teaching which is based on Biblical teaching, where enough examples can be found how the Spirit moves people. Though when you believe that Spirit is an other person than God the Father, Christadelphians believe It is Just The Only One True God Who does all the work and intervening.


  6. Hi Marcus, thanks for your comment. My words were that he was one of the fortunate few who after leaving was able to re-establish a Christian connection, not that he was of the few who left. There are many who have left and remain bitter, not being able to connect with Christianity, and this appears to be due to the teaching of a self induced spirit purely from the word instead of a Spirit as a gift from God, which comes as people’s sins are washed away by faith in His sacrifice as a heart response rather than an intellectual one. The conventional view in my understanding is that the Spirit of Christ is reborn in the believer, and it is through this Spirit that Christians relate to God. I don’t think this matter is going to be solved in just a few words from either you or me. As a Christadelphian once said to me, “keep searching”. He later had a real born again experience, so perhaps you should be speaking with such as these if you can find them in your meetings.


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