I have written about this previously somewhere, but it is interesting to note the appearance of the serpent through scripture. Of course there is the initial occurrence in the garden of Eden, where the serpent is depicted as originating temptation in Adam and Eve.

Then there were the serpents in the desert which were killing the sinning Israelites, and the bronze replica serpent was risen on a stick to indicate its death dealing episode was terminated, and as a forerunner to Jesus lifted up on the cross. All who looked, lived.

[In here I have to next insert Jesus on the cross who became sin for us, the serpent replica.]

Next we have Paul on the island of Malta who was bitten by a viper serpent that emerged from sticks he had been gathering for a fire. The locals thought he must have been some criminal who was getting his just rewards, and fate had caught up with him. They expected him to drop down dead, but he was unharmed.

It says that he “shook the serpent off into the fire”, and suffered no ill effects. Here we have a picture of how the poison of sin [this is after the resurrection ] is rendered impotent by “shaking it off” into and by the fire of the Holy Spirit.

The final episode has to be from revelation where it mentions “that old serpent, the devil and satan” [and dragon] as it describes the serpent’s final demise.

So we have seen the origin of temptation, the effects of death through sin because of it, the bearing of sin (the cure) in Jesus, the removal of sin and death in Paul on Malta, and finally the serpent despatched to a fiery end.

This is a rough story about the serpent’s “trail” through scripture. I hope you found it interesting.

February “serpent” Cserpent

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