Man becomes conscious of his death, the one that approaches him as he gets older. He becomes familiar with moral positions, and that there is a chance that he has brought that death upon himself, and religion teaches it. Old laws proclaim extreme penalties for “sinning”, none more so than death. (Perhaps hell).

God announces to man that this is correct, he feels guilt and fear. Then he proclaims that his son has dealt with death. That the death deserved by man has been presented as a free gift, in that his son has taken it for us; has become dead in the process of renewing the faulty creation that man was and is. Being righteous in himself, he could share that righteousness with others and use it to mercifully remove death from man. By removing it himself, in himself, by himself.  And the proof of this is by rising to life again.

Now being in the final creative form, he is commissioned and enabled, empowered to return once again to earth in another form, to give life in place of the death previously provided. Love, the very nature of God, is now a free gift to all men who want it.  We can rise to life again.


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