The word law (for the present purpose) describes a patterning, method or system of controlling an otherwise volatile or random organism. Man is that organism.

Law also describes the repetitive action that results or causes or controls some mechanical activity be that either moving one leg in front of the other as in walking, or observing the movement of the heavenly bodies in the sky.

Where one lives in a regime of law, that can either feel tremendously restrictive, or perceptively nonexistent, depending on its severity.

If “what came naturally” as far as human behaviour went; was acceptable to all, then there would be no need for law in the sphere of human activity. But such is not the case – people infringe on other people’s rights, insofar as those rights are perceived to be “reasonable”.

Because man encroaches on and into evil territory, he may, if he gets the power to do so, override the rights of others and inflict upon them laws which advantage the minority and impinge upon the majority.

God’s standards are a long way from man’s. His representatives over the years have sought to influence man’s incursion into evil by proclaiming laws which are meant for man’s betterment.

And so we arrive at whatever laws rules regulations that appear/have appeared in the bible.

Whatever appeared before the law of Moses, I will leave to others to express. The law as talked about in the New Testament scripture is the Mosaic Law, better known as “The Ten Commandments”. People have used these for years as the required standard of morality, and have tended to accept them as “absolutes”.

That the Mosaic law is not an absolute, is shown by Moses giving the Israelites the right of divorce, which Jesus explained was not God’s real intention.

What God wants of man, is to discard his autonomous regime, and instead to return to Himself and his nature, his “spirit” (life -force, purpose, motivation, nature). So that man is guided straight from Him instead of man making (moral) decisions for himself.

There are three possible ways of doing this. One, that He enforces on man rules, laws, that he has to comply with under threat of death, or two, that he gets man to comply with them because man wants to, or three, that He gets man to recognise that the whole structure from which he is operating is wrong, and to abandon it altogether and become spiritually sensitive to God directly. (To be partakers of the divine nature).

Enforcing rules has shown to be a poor method of control. And getting man to comply because he wants to, means either he likes the laws, perhaps because they do not inconvenience him too much, or because that compliance has been given either some extra boost in terms of punishment and reward (hell or heaven?).

God has stated that these systems of compliance do nothing to restore mankind to a condition of “favour with God”. The only thing acceptable to God is that which restores and elevates man to a condition of LOVE, which is the very nature of God himself. The only acceptable medium for this is FAITH and the only object of faith is given as JESUS.

Because a whole new set of laws can be generated around the “Jesus religion”; that which is now specifically acceptable to God, is our acceptance of what Jesus gained for us on the cross. And that means that we do no longer follow laws or rules or concepts, but that we come into contact with the living God through relationship with his son Jesus via the Holy Spirit, and deny all laws and controlling methods that previously have sought to “increase” our “righteousness”, and instead to believe that all the results of these laws having been broken by us, (called sin) have been rescinded by God through the sacrifice of His Son.

We are to believe we have been completely set free from all penalty of the law or any law, the reality being that God forgives our mistakes so we can move forward without hindrance into the land of his love. Through the action of the cross WE HAVE BEEN FORGIVEN. He who loves much is forgiven much. We have been forgiven everything, the whole lot of it, and our response should be one that reflects our intense appreciation of this. WE HAVE BEEN SET FREE – from sin and death and law. The death of Jesus was for us so we should become free to think speak and act as His people.

“He has abolished the law”  LOVE is  the fulfilling of the law. [the law was temporary] [now that Christ has come, we are no longer under the law] [or above it, or sideways to it, or any such thing!].

There are those who would have you believe that Jesus’ sacrifice is only so that you can keep the law, but law brings consciousness of sin, and is of limited use in establishing righteousness, it only reinforces the concept of death. No, the only “law” or “laws” concerned now, is our WHOLE LIFE EXPERIENCE with its failure, defeat, frustration, hurt, and guilt. Otherwise known as DEATH (or the spirit of death). This now defeated law, where acknowledged, results in an influx of new Spirit, which results in LOVE.

It is the REVERSAL of sin’s effects from being condemning to being forgiven that becomes the “law written in our heart”.

The only death we need to be conscious of now, is HIS death for us. [and our death for him]. [we were baptised with him into his death]. [we have been buried with him]. [one died for all therefore all died]. [if we have died, we are freed from law]. [this puts man in a position of being able to receive the new life, as a new creation]. [it also declares the whole world dead with him?] [believers rise from this death, whereas unbelievers remain in it]. [law was made for bad men not for good] [incursions into man’s nature by the spirit may leave residual patterning of its own nature].



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