The reason why homosexuality is so despised, is because it not only perverts the image of God, but also of man. God is love, and to represent his love as being involved with the same sex interconnection of the bodies of human kind, totally breaks down his given understanding of normal man/woman relationship and family love.

Even “normal” sexual relationship is contained within certain guidelines of morality. The obvious reason for the defense of abnormal relationships is because “there is no fear of God before their eyes”. Because to them, there is no God. So to represent God in this way is to attempt to show him as also perverted. That God could be homosexual, no problem at all.

Of course, all parties seek for their point of view to prevail. Believers in God seek to maintain their truth, as do exponents for the other side. But the difference is, that in the long run, God believers don’t have to worry about their position being right or wrong. The fact that the others would educate children to believe that this perversion is acceptable is perhaps an even greater perversion of truth.

In the end, it is simply a matter of sorrow. Sorrow that so many will never recognise true love, or truth, or liberation from the corruption of human nature into the freedom of the children of God. And sorrow that this condition is one of permanent nature, eternally.


    [friendship with the world is enmity with God]   

      Clove Chomosexual Cperversion Ccorruption Cchildren Csexual Cmorality


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