What is missed is that all of scripture is concerned with only one thing – The total love of God for his creation and his desire to save it.

Particularly, That it is God’s love that is championed on the cross, and that what is demonstrated, is the total wipeout of all sin and death issues. This is because God has taken away and removed at his own cost, everything to do with condemnation for the sin issue.

Man has been declared to be dead in sin, and that is enough. God declares that all is forgiven and for men to trust that this is so, that they might rise to the life that comes with appreciation of what has been done for them and at what cost. It is a heart recognition of his love, and initiates a response from the heart.

But most of all, is the recognition that God’s love is so great and so complete, that it alone is sufficient to cause men to turn from death in their liberation from it, and which He has bought for them.

God does and has totally forgiven sin. He has totally forgiven sin and death. But those who will not leave their death for whatever reason (maybe they had to go and bury their father?) will remain in their death.

It really is a matter of what one wants to believe. It is also a revelation of the love of God that impinges on the heart and the heart responds to that love.

Last but not least, it is an acceptance of what God is saying – that the ultimate test of a man’s willingness to return to God is when there is no reason not to – and also that God is asking for belief in the salvation he put forward through his Son.

Obedience to God’s word means one has to believe that all has been dealt with and God will never refuse his love to anyone at anytime. It is the lack of acceptance of his love that is the problem. He has taken away every barrier. There are no ifs and buts, he simply removes (the necessity for) sin and death (to exist), for all time, permanently, and asks instead that his life be allowed to exist as love in the recipient.

It is not a matter of do this or do that – and if there were such things they would only be there to try and assist in the understanding and receiving of this salvation, not as laws and rules to be followed for their own sake. The commandments of Christ are cited by some as an example of necessary conformance – but these like the laws of old, are only stated for our benefit, and ultimately only reinforce the “law” of love, which is inherent in salvation anyway. If you were in breach of these things it would be because you were not believing in your liberation from them in the first place.

By one sacrifice he has perfected forever those who are being made holy, and these are they who truly believe. It is the old matter of salvation by belief – belief in who God is by what he has done. True belief will turn the heart back to Him. It is ultimately belief in the true nature of God and surrendering to Him, because he has loved your sin and death away through Jesus. Yes it’s conditional – conditional on BELIEVING GOD WHEN HE SAYS HE HAS REMOVED SIN BY HIS LOVE FORGIVING [SUFFERING] IT.

[The cost of real life]



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