The Foolishness of The Cross. REBLOG [293]



I recently posted a link to a video on my facebook page and was surprised with how much response I got. Though it isn’t really possible for me to know how many folks watch most of the videos and such I post, I was amazed that… well anyone really, watched the video I posted which was around 1h 20min long. The video was entitled “How to Completely Refute Atheism” and the speaker on it was Jeff Durbin of Apologia Radio/Studios/Church (the link can be found here: ).

The central thesis of the video, to my understanding, was that the atheistic worldview is insufficient to substantiate the principle of induction i.e. that the future will go on in uniformity to the past and this in all aspects i.e. nature, logic, physics, mathematics etc.

Durbin makes this claim upon this basis: that time and chance acting in an unguided fashion upon…

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