There appear to be two creations. The primary, Adam and Eve one; and the secondary, new creation one. These two are probably one and the same, but it clarifies it to be seen as two separate ones.

This secondary one is the one where the final product appears. Christians who by faith, not having received “what was promised” (in one context), have actually received by faith, the reality of the Holy Spirit. The final product, so far, is only one person, being Jesus.

How much credence does this then lend to “predestination”?

Under this description, the primary creation is to die, while the secondary one is the survivor, perhaps even designed so, the “elect”?

The primary creation is flesh and blood, and “flesh” in a sinful way. The secondary one is, firstly one of faith, but secondly the one which because of righteousness brought by the Spirit, will be immortalised on his return.

While “in the flesh”,  trials tests and “tribulations” may harass believers. The assignment of Christ’s victory to believers means that the holding of this privilege will result in the testing of their faith in obedience to the truth. Their continuing life will be a proving ground for God’s love in their lives. Not by producing truth, but by affirming it.

Opposition to truth (untruth) will result from their affirmation of truth, and suffering will not be absent from the scene. The Spirit will be grieved, even as Jesus shed tears for a lost world. “A body thou hast prepared for me”? And for us. This trial is common to all believers, but the overcoming of the natural antagonism of this body and the world around it will result in eternal life.



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