Taking everything that God does and has done, to be in line with his final creative function, then law is simply a creative step towards enabling people to understand what love is.

The initial awareness by Adam that they had “sinned” was just the first step to a general awareness of right and wrong. Mosaic law pinpointed most of man’s worst characteristics, and attendant penalties raised consciousness and conscience levels to a point of raising that awareness to an intolerable level. “Wretched man that I am” said Paul.

Forgiveness of “sin” then raised awareness of the ultimate righteousness as contained in mercy. Justice is seen in that Love bears the pain of sin, and mercy in that it didn’t have to, was not responsible for it, yet did it anyway. Revealed by this is the nature of LOVE. And the state of this situation is called GRACE.

Man at this point has then been “educated” (in theory) to the “fullness” of life’s possibilities. Practical realities have then to finish his “education”.

[The law has of course been abolished]

Clove Claw Cmosaic


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