No one wants to behave “like a little child” do they? No one wants to be seen acting like a child, we are all grown up and adults with a respectable front to present to the world?

Yet Jesus said that unless we accept the kingdom of God like a little child we will never enter it.

Now, imagine all your Christmases have come at once. Everything you wanted to get rid of in your life, and everything you wanted from life, has all happened at the same time. Wouldn’t you expect to perhaps show some emotional response that was more unrestrained and child like in character rather than the controlled adult like response?

Isn’t this what happened at Pentecost? When Christmas entered their inner being, their heart, as the Spirit of life, wouldn’t you expect an “irrational” response? These people were accused of being drunk. They could have been staggering around and certainly were being very vocal in their praise for God.

Death was far from their thinking. Jesus said, He who believes in me will never die. [Hebrews 2-15]  says that through fear of death man is kept in life-long bondage. Perhaps the truth of being released from death had something to do with it?

People make claims that there are all sorts of conditions to be met before one can experience the kingdom of God, (or just God), which kingdom we can see to be embodied in “the fruit of the Spirit”. Yet we see written the words  that if  you believe in your heart, [you are justified] and then confess with your mouth, you will be saved. This is basically what the Pentecost experience was.

The point of being like a child, is that a child is completely reliant on its parent. It needs and relies on the parent for its welfare. And that’s the point that God wants us to arrive at in our journey through life. We have to “reach the end of our tether”. We have to come to the point of realising that self reliance is completely over rated! And more than over rated, self reliance is death itself.

We have to rely on God, and in the gospel message we understand that there is nothing we can do of ourselves that will relieve us of even a single one of our problems. Someone else has to relieve us of the great responsibilty for bearing this burden of death. God has to do that for us, and we have to let him do in us, that which he has done in Jesus, by joining us to Him. By TRANSFERRING us into his kingdom.

And it’s not like it’s a salvageable or recoverable operation, no,  it’s a do away with the one and apprehend the other kind of situation. Once the new has been apprehended, then the old may become a reference point as to how NOT to live, and may exist to show and prove just what God’s love has done for you in bearing this death for you, but there is such a difference between old and new that any idea of the old being of any use at all is really rather somewhat repugnant.

The new though, is apprehended on the BASIS of the old. It is the death from which we are released that gives rise to appreciation of the new. But the old life is really better seen as the old death. The new life is truly new.

So when He said “we will never enter it”, we see the word “will” in there. Our will has to submit to His will in accepting that he has bought us back from death “with his own blood”. With his own suffering, the suffering a parent’s love feels for his lost child.

Our will has to merge with His, and we have to merge with Him. We must return to our spiritual Parent, we must be led by Him, be led by the Spirit which Adam abandoned, and we now must regain.

There is nothing we can do but ACCEPT THAT HE HAS DONE IT FOR US. To believe in the heart, and CONFESS WITH THE MOUTH, which cements within yourself the truth you believe. In fact, you probably can’t be said to truly believe until you have truly “confessed” the truth that he is.

So be released from your life long bondage of death and enter the service of life.  And all available at the price of becoming like a little child. Bargain!

[confession with the mouth is really a confession from, of, the heart. It is a confession of your heart state]

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