Recent interaction with comments by a Jewish man suggested an interesting way of seeing what truth was. He apparently believes that there is no hell after death because he says God only extracts the penalty of death and no more than this. We all recognise that “truth” is things as they really are, reality. No more so will this be the case than when people are brought to account for their lives, at judgement time.

The truth of religion, of any particular religion, or those with no religion; will be made obvious at that time because the truth of it all will be exposed. The results of this judgement will not be based on any particular religion, even Christianity, because judgement will be based on righteousness or unrighteousness, inherent life or inherent death.  [Truth]

It won’t matter that an individual doesn’t believe in hell, because they will find out when they get there. It doesn’t matter that a person doesn’t believe in God, because they will discover their error all by themselves. Whether a person is a Jew or gentile, JW or Mormon, Baptist Catholic or WHATEVER; They will all be met by truth and subjected to it for better or for worse.

True, there may be moderating influences within this judgement according to degrees of knowledge and responsibility perhaps.

“The Spirit is the truth” is the answer to Pilate’s question “what is truth?”  The Spirit is that which floods the universe, being God Himself. This permeation is somehow controlled at present but will one day be allowed to compare it/himself with us and the present creation, and that comparison will be the judgement.*

Differing religions create their own version of truth, as do differing denominations. The only truth that will count will be the one that Jesus IS, and the only people who will count will be those who are found “IN” Him. I wonder whether it is not so much a verbal confession of Him, as it is of a conformation to what He is asking of us, because righteousness, or even holiness, is that which is required.   but…

Where “righteousness” may be considered as possessing some degree of variation in quantity or quality, holiness is perhaps more severely defined. And when you consider that it says “if the righteous are scarcely saved, where will the sinner be?”

When you couple this with the many other biblical references that insist that only through Jesus can man be saved, [because God had a son] we then have to appreciate the uniqueness of this faith, and the predicament that other religions are therefore placed in. If the righteousness spoken of above is that which is obtained THROUGH Jesus, (scarcely) then how can there be such qualifying righteousness WITHOUT Jesus, and certainly “Holiness” is even further removed from access.

Yes, make every effort to enter by the “narrow gate”, because if your belief system is taking you through a narrow gate that is not in REALITY Truth, even it appears to be “labelled” so, then you may be being taken “down the garden path”. The only true narrow gate is the one who is JESUS himself, the one who TOOK AWAY OUR SIN. Make sure your belief system is centred on the one who removed your sin and continues to do so.

[This is my covenant with them, when I take away their sins]

[Fear not little flock, it is the Father’s good will to give you the kingdom].

*[actually Jesus has already come and provided that comparison before it happens]

Chell Cmormon


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