Everything religious and biblical seems remarkably complicated. It’s like walking around the base of a pyramid and pondering on the large amount of material that lies between the bottom and the top.

But if you commence climbing the pyramid, you will leave more and more material behind you as you ascend, until finally you reach the peak and then observe how all that material has been left behind and you are left looking at the sharp point of it.

The same could be said for climbing a mountain.

Well if you examine the sharp point, you may only find there, the God who is love.

No books, no great knowledge, just pure love. And this is exactly what he is trying to get through to us, that he has loved us, forgiven us and we just have to believe that, and be participant in that love.

Jesus is how we do this.

Further down the pyramid are layers of instruction and advice, and further down again, are laws and penalties.

But it is all structured so we might arrive at the top, so we might only know and rely on the love God has for us.

People may tell you to do this and do that, believe this and believe that. What is necessary is for you to believe that he has suffered your sin at his own cost, and if you do, when you do, you will be free from sin and death.

This will enable you to have life, and have it more abundantly. He has wiped out our past so we might have His future. (And present).

Complexity is overrated. The simplicity is that he took our sins himself so we might be free of them. This is the nature of love. It is what Love does.



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