Taking further the notion of “What to believe or who to believe?” ( MJ Thompson’s Theology Blog April 14 2017 ), I’m not sure if I am about to support him, or about to become an example of what he is saying!  (see [321] )*.

To Quote his leading statement, “Whenever ANY person looks on another in judgment (whether a so-called ‘Christian’ or perceived member of ‘other’ religions) rather than seeking the GOD such persons proclaim loyalty to, ‘true religion’ rather than ‘right relationship’ immediately becomes the topic. As IB rightly stated in her article – TRUTH is a PERSON. Alternatively, religions are mere ideologies formed by individual interpretations of the teachings of whatever particular assumptions are believed about ‘my’ GOD.”

The thing of it is, that there is [maybe] nothing wrong with beginning on a theological exercise, as long as you arrive at the right place. When they arrive at the WRONG place, and then claim that unless others arrive at this same place, and not only this, but insist that others also get there using the same faulty processes that they did, then there is a problem.

So the easy way is to look at where they have arrived, and unless this is a place of a loving, accepting, forgiving God, who has already done all that needed to be done to draw men to himself, and that this drawing is by believing the truth of who he is by the person of Jesus, and that the drawing by faith is also already finished and completed in Him; then it is the wrong place.

When they say that God is exclusive on the basis of the many criteria they have developed, such as to exclude all who do not pay homage to their “group”, then you know there is a problem. There are many pointers involved, some of which are believing (or not believing) in the “trinity”, whether or not the cross had a cross-beam, whether or not there is a hell, or a devil, or the timing of the “rapture”, or the 1000 year reign, where people go when they die, whether or not they die, whether the name of Jesus and God should be another name, what day is the right sabbath, obeying the law, etc.etc, ad nauseum.

And none of this really matters, but what DOES matter is when, by saying these things, they are denying the simple fact that Jesus took your sin and dealt with it, to it’s eternal exclusion of being able to condemn you. That it is already so, that he has already done it, and you just have to believe it**. Because this will place you in his love, in his kingdom, and in eternal life. It matters on the basis of their exclusion of your inclusion. Exclusion by THEIR criteria, rather than inclusion by HIS criteria. Of course it is this very criteria they argue about. (as I am now).

Because it is all about HIS ETERNAL LOVE FOR YOU. That not only deals with sin, but  HAS ALREADY DONE SO. In Jesus. No matter on what basis they want to exclude you, they cannot do so on this one. That God has removed your sin in the body of Christ, that by this He has included you, and it is only your assenting denial** of this (and this denial is what they are seeking to instill in you), that can exclude you from the benefits of his sin consuming love.

[And so we have come to know and rely on the love God has for us] *[  ]





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