I highly recommend the book “Present Tense Realities”  Freedom from the religious struggle. By  TR Holloway.

Also available at Amazon and other bookshops.

Unrelated music VIDEO

Extensive THEOLOGICAL resource

  GOOGLE BOOKS SAMPLE of “Present Tense Realities” TEXT below


At the bottom of the page, in the black area, there is a search box.

All the posts are numbered from 1 to 330 so you can search for the required number. This will bring up all the posts of that number, because some have been repeated at different times with a suffix of a,b,c, etc.

To select the single original post, enclose the number in square brackets  E.G. [???]

The search bar can be used to find words*, primarily title words, but will find any word or letter string  anywhere in the blog except the comments.

So subject matter can be searched for in this way*, but with varying results, because there is a large spread of similar words throughout all posts. The more different words you enter will increasingly exclude posts not using those words, will narrow the search results to only those posts that do include all those words. Using creative searching may yield results.

(INDEX) CATEGORY – I have begun indexing the posts by category – In the search box below, just add the letter c to the beginning of a word that describes a subject of interest.  EG  c*******. Won’t be exhaustive, and don’t know when or if I will finish this, but there are some popular words already available so far.

We have been given authority/permission to rise above our normal function – and it is imperative that we do so.             [“commanded” to love].

A spectator is not a participator. Many are called to a football match, but few are chosen to play.

Law states things as they are. [were] Grace states things as they can be. [are]    [Catch the fire.]

Jesus was not a religious nut – He was a wonderful person.

If you are full of belief there is no room left for doubt and you have (contain) what you believed. [for].

The bible guides us as to what to believe – The Spirit’s presence confirms when that is right.



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