I have mentioned this before, but it is important to recognise what is meant by righteousness by faith, It says Abraham believed God and was therefore considered to be righteous, It says righteousness was imputed to him. Have to look up the dictionary for the meaning of imputed, but it gives the impression that it was not real righteousness, [or that he did not deserve it] but that it was credited to him anyway. [It does say, and it was credited to him as righteousness].

The question is, was Abraham righteous or not, or was he just considered to be righteous even though he wasn’t. I get the impression that it is commonly believed that he was put in a righteous category, even though he was really a [miserable] sinner. Just like it is said? of us that we are ‘considered to be righteous’ when we are in Christ.

But look at it this way – If Abraham, or us for that matter, were a sinner for example, who ‘contained no righteousness’, but then we BELIEVED GOD, doesn’t that mean that we now contain within us the same information that God contains? If we AGREE with God, do we not then contain the same “agreement” or judgement on the matter that He does?

The only difference then, is that He is ALL RIGHTEOUS whereas we may be mostly unrighteous apart from the bit we agree with God about. The more then that we agree with God about, the more of God we contain within us. Believing that Jesus died for us, is a massive agreement with God. To do so denies our own status, and accepts that we were unworthy but now because of him we have been made worthy. But the REALITY of this comes by believing it to be true. [we change from death to life]

When it comes to asking in prayer for things, we are told by Jesus that whatever we ask for, if we believe we receive it then we will. It has been said that “in accordance with your faith will it be done to you”. If you believed as Jesus believed, the same results he obtained, you also could obtain. So believing God, REALLY BELIEVING (not doubting like Peter who “walked on water” but started to sink) is guaranteed by the word of God.

RIGHTEOUSNESS is the same thing. Believing Jesus has taken away our unrighteousness liberates us by the Spirit, and this Spirit brings us (His) RIGHTEOUSNESS, because the Spirit is Jesus, is himself, and we by believing have both died with Him and risen with Him. If we are liberated to life, we will FEEL this life and KNOW this life, which is Real RIGHTEOUSNESS. This is the gift of righteousness. By the Spirit. From God who is love.

To be filled with him is to be emptied of ourselves.

[Paul in Romans 7 essentially claimed positional righteousness by denying the unrighteousness he found within him, even though he was powerless to effect righteousness of himself][We now also, like he eventually did, find that righteous position in Christ, also denying the unrighteousness within by, like Paul, admitting to it.]

[Believing/receiving as a child means fully accepting, wholly accepting/believing: greatly changing the mind/heart][child is more of heart than mind]

[Impute could be seen as a transfer from one to the other] later edit (consider the woman who touched him)

[Jesus did not just take away part of our unrighteousness, he took it all.  Likewise, He does not just give us part of his righteousness, He gives it all]



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