We protestants sometimes comment on catholic matters. But when one comes across some of their dictates it just leaves you shaking your head in amazement. I am not going to quote anything from this post of theirs, it is all just too ridiculous to bother with.

And how on earth do they justify “Purgatory”, other than by the faintest of references? More to the point, how have they justified the fact of priests charging money to get dead relatives out of “purgatory”, and many other such nonsenses that continue to be exhibited in their writings.

Why is it one gets the impression that much of their doctrine is total fiction? Is it because the actual biblical proofs for it are either nonexistent or greatly distorted?

The Ecumenical movement has a lot of work to do before protestants will come anywhere near this sort of travesty of Christian truth.



  1. Thanks for your courteous reply Burke! As there are 7 pages of the reference you have quoted, I cannot “answer” it here. It would take a very full post to even attempt to properly respond. Yes the protestant bible is different to the catholic one. With what we protestants do have, I can see no real contradiction to what I believe, but plenty of contradiction with what you believe. There is a lot of misunderstanding regarding judgement, its timing and detail. The purification you refer to occurs at final judgement, when ALL are tested by fire. Those who stand the test will be immortalised with remaining impurity removed by that fire. Those who do not pass the test will be consumed by that fire (Holy Spirit). There can be no second chances, when you are dead you are dead, THEN the judgement. (at resurrection). Sin is sin, you can’t categorise it and maintain scriptural integrity [admittedly it does mention death/non.death sins]. There is no point in praying either for or to dead people who are in the grave. They had their chance at life. There are no second chances. Mat.12-32 does not say what you said, also other quotes are out of context. You cannot make atonement for the dead. Religion over the years has wrongly portrayed God’s word, both through error, misunderstanding, or intent, and many writings have been written with dubious authority, no matter how old they are (or are not). Going by the information supplied, and also from common sense, it is easy to see how and why the doctrine of purgatory was originated, because like many other biblical things they are often misunderstood and wrongly applied and then developed as full blown doctrine. Thanks for your good intent, and I also hope that God blesses your journey too. Thank you.


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