We don’t seem to have the correct overview concerning life on this planet. This current creation was only ever meant to be a temporary one, it is just a stage upon which the players strut their stuff, trying to make sense of it all.

The current world exhibits a reality which is completely foreign to the God of permanence, the God who permeates all matter and who has declared that he will not tolerate, beyond a certain time, those who continue to remain operating as sinners within this world of aberration and corruption.

This world was set aside deliberately, that it might be a breeding ground of people who ultimately are in surrender to him and his purposes. But there are so many who will fail the test, refusing to look for something beyond the evil that men by nature, have become.

Just like Noah, Jesus has warned of this coming destruction that He became the saving agent from. By being a man himself, He is now able to return to us as a sort of inoculation against the disease of sin. He is able to represent the divine Spirit, but in a form that allows for change without destruction.

When He comes again though, it will be in a destructive form to those who have not been inoculated by Him so as to exclude the disease of sin from our lives. All sinful or even natural structure will be destroyed, whereas those who are his, will be ‘converted’ or transformed into that spiritual nature that God himself is.

The natural world will burn and the new world, complete with its people, will be revealed. The creation will be set free from its bondage to corruption. Paul says do not be deceived, and gives a list of those things which will exclude people from being placed in the new creation and which confines and confirms them to the fate of the old.

It says they were unable to enter through unbelief, but also says that they are WILLINGLY ignorant. There is a choice involved, the choice between good and bad, black and white, flesh and Spirit. Love and hate, mercy against judgement.

Those in Christ have already been judged, having accepted their guilty verdict in Christ as a man, but more importantly have accepted their NOT GUILTY verdict in Him as a conqueror on their behalf. This not guilty verdict remains so they can also become conquerors  because the threat of guilt cannot hold them back. His love continually removes their sin as they rely on it to do so. Believing in the permanency of the power of his sacrificial love to do this very thing, is the criteria by which life is both initiated and maintained.

There can be no half-heartedness in this. “If the righteous are scarcely saved, where will the sinner stand? And the ‘condition’ of entry is simply to “Believe in the heart and confess with the mouth”. And ongoingly as a process of truth that emerges from this, “having done all, to stand”.

This world came with a preordained escape clause. Jesus has already gone through the earthly process to attain heavenly, bodily reality. This reality is ours simply by agreeing with it, with Him, and this belief will change our status to His status. From OUR reality to HIS reality. Freely for us, at His cost. Your consciousness can change from death to life. The invitation is open until He returns.


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