“You are not your own” – Jesus is said to have bought us, He owns us by his purchase of blood in sacrifice.

Yet on the greater scale we were never our own. We always have been simply a product of this creation, and by nature are subjects of it. True, we can behave very differently as individuals, but for the most part we are all the same. We are some species of animal with all the characteristics of animals, although at times, somewhat nobler ones perhaps.

There are all manner of creatures and species available, with man dominant over them all. What is this earthly creation’s role in the Universe?

While we are here we are intelligent enough to ponder on the size or origin of it all, but apparently not intelligent enough to work out the answer. We have our individual will which is used by some to attempt to do good, and by others determined to do evil. But there is no overriding spirit to guide our performance. It is all hit and miss, with individual communities and countries coming up with various scenarios to keep the inhabitants under control. It is basically looking after “number 1” at all times.

So the link between our existence and the creative purpose that brought us into being, is not evident, is hidden from us.

Yet built in to us, the highest form of animal life on the earth, must be the inherent ability to apprehend something of our inner design, and to recognise the truth of all things. It is just that it is so immersed in the murky waters of corruption that arose from natural desires, that it has been almost completely drowned.

Many have come and gone with various messages. Many are still doing that today. Some of these messages have stood the test of time, depending on how well they fit into humanity’s story, and into different cultures in particular. But there can be only one truth, and the sense of aliveness that comes from this one truth is the proof that this truth is the ultimate reality. Man’s basic instinct, when replaced with God’s basic instinct, gives him life, belonging, and purpose. When we are not our own, we are free to be His..


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