In a local church a married woman seduces several of the men, but it is the husband of the woman who is forced to leave.

In another church, a youth leader is caught several times texting young women in a sexual context and is finally rejected by his wife. He then immediately withdraws the bulk of funds from their joint bank account, leaving her with all the outstanding bills to pay. His mother defends him, claiming the principle of Christian forgiveness.

There has been extensive continual publicity about cover-ups of people in various denominations, Jehovah’s witnesses spring to mind, but also Catholic and Anglican and others, where the problem is kept “in-house”.

Where is the Christian leadership in all this? It may be brushed off as simply something that goes on regardless of in church or outside church, but what kind of example is this setting?

The cross of Christ is being lost in all this nonsense because modern peripheral issues become prominent rather than central core issues. Sin and its overpowering by the cross is what is required, not sin and the accommodation of it because of poor teaching and wishy-washy preaching.


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