Do you feel like you are just a bystander in life, just an observer and not a participant? Do you feel like you have no strength of will and no direction in your life, that you are simply standing by and watching everybody else do their thing?

This is normal to sensitive people who cannot find motivation, who are fearful of  those around them and are confused by the negativeness and futility that life seems to offer. The big questions seem to have no answer, life seems to have been put on hold, there is no positive direction to lay hold of, and only confusion surrounds those matters of most importance, because other people continually squabble over religion.

Have you spent most of your life waiting for the answer? Maybe you have married and had children and carried on as a normal person, but deep inside you have felt your life is wasted. The things of life come and go, yet all without final relevance, or definitive meaning.

Well people, here is what you have waited for. JESUS. Because your little life is not enough to carry you through. You have to exchange your life that is going nowhere fast, for the life that He will give you if you only let him. Because He is the only true representation of the life you were meant to have, that you were designed for, and which the world passes over without a second glance.

You owe it to yourself to take a second look, to discover that He is not asking you for miracles, He just wants to give you one, which is Himself! And how can he do that? Simply by you acknowledging the poverty of your own life, compared to the fullness of His! Sure, he ended up on a cross. But why was that? It was because he dared to stand up for what is good and right, and refused to fall in with the normality of the world.

And this is the very thing you have been doing all your life, waiting for someone of worth to give you direction, to point you to what is good and true and worthy of being called the very nature and demonstration of love. This is your chance, be you young or be you old, to give him another chance to prove himself to you. Pick up that bible and read God’s communication to you – Read the books of John, and discover the real heart of the living God, who wants to give his heart to you, even as he has already done so in his son.

The cross WAS his forgiveness to you, and if you have anything against Him, it is his way of saying sorry to you. He knows the hurts, he feels the pain and suffering of all – He has acknowledged it and done something about it. He has removed all and any barrier you may think exists between you and Him. He is love and only love, and He wants you to be a part of His love, and not to be alone anymore.

Give Him a chance. Give love a chance. Give yourself another chance. He is waiting for you, for your heart to respond to his love which was poured out on the cross and dissolved all your sins, hurts, guilt and shame. He has done it for you at great cost to himself. Ask, and it will be given you. He is a living presence, it may be hard to understand this, but He is real regardless of whether or not we can understand or even what we believe.

ASK HIM, and He will come to live with you.


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