The defenders of Judaism seem to be able to turn anything around, even Galatians, where it is plain that Paul is accusing those who want to perpetuate the law into Christianity as being Judaisers.

Don’t they realise that the law was only a means of restraining the flesh until the new way of the Spirit arrived? Don’t they realise that the law was simply a reaction to the flesh and its evil works? Don’t they realise that it was the intended purpose of the law that was now kept by the Spirit, not the law itself? Because it could not be done by law?

That Spirit is not a means of keeping law, but Spirit is a new law of itself. And all the words about law being temporary until Christ came fall on their deaf ears.

The law became an instrument of sin because it increased the trespass, it increased the guilt, it increased the burden of it until men cried “wretched man that I am”.

Paul called the law “the ministry of death”. And much more than this. Law is simply a reflection of sin. Law death and sin are bedfellows. Jewish people are welcome to the law. Christians not so.

It makes one think that perhaps the Pentecostals are basically correct. That the outpouring of the Spirit is so definitive, that others miss the boat. The new life in Christ is a spiritual walk side by side with him, where he said I in you and you in me. This is a new creation, nothing to do with the old. The new creation is so different to the old, that unless we see Spirit power controlling the believers life, then we have right to question the validity of that life.

For the believer, Christ should have indeed come to them. Christ has no need of the law, He originated it for men, for bad men at that. Those who claim to be his should know that this is the reality of it all, not anything to do with law keeping. Certainly the law defines aspects of sin, but only aspects of it. The fulfillment of the law lies in the fulfillment of His love coming and abiding in us. “The goal of this command is love, which comes from a pure heart….”  Christ is that goal, attained via the Spirit.

The law became the law of sin and death, because it defined sin and death and then left men to rot in it. So it is with all legal/law type religions which are devoid of the Spirit.

The Spirit is the life force of God, his very breath and life, his ever present moment by moment commandment, which is certainly to be obeyed. But He is also LOVE, the active ingredient of life itself, the very motivation and core being of the creator Himself. It is LOVE that is obeyed, hence Jesus said it was the one who loved him who would do what he said, because love cannot be commanded to appear, it has to be KNOWN personally before obedience will follow.

To walk with God is to walk with the Spirit, the living word, not by law, the written word. The former is life, the other is death. One is written in the heart, the other on paper with pen and ink.


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