Jesus gave himself twice. Once on the cross and then again as the Spirit. On the cross He demonstrated just what the love of God is, who He is and what He is. From the cross he was resurrected to become “a life giving Spirit”, who became the gift to man so that man also could share in his tremendous victory over flesh, by becoming at one with Him.

Just as Jesus was at one with the Father, and followed the Father’s instructions, so too can we become at one with Jesus and then follow his instructions. The Spirit comes alongside us and leads us in His ways and away from our own ways. He is with us and in us and we are in him also. But we simply follow Him as our guide in the path of righteousness. But we also become at one with Him and our identities blur as His righteousness infiltrates us. [Christ in us]

Jesus came to earth to teach us the way, He was a visible presence on the earth. Now He is invisible so that it is only those who will want to believe Him who will truly do so. We have to lose ourselves in Him to be able to find ourselves, also in Him. He stands beside us to lead and to guide.

There is no life apart from the Spirit, the living Spirit as given at Pentecost. We have this Spirit by faith, by believing in Him. Without Him we can do nothing.


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