So many angry people – Why?  Because they can’t get what they want, because they are frustrated that things don’t go their way, because someone else has got more than they have, and on some occasions, because the good that they can see as being desirable to them, is destroyed by others who have power over them.

Stress of modern living is concentrating people more and more into the operation of the flesh. It always was, but is now becoming more so, that there is increasing demand for that which is of pure selfishness, and is propagated by modern ideas and modern technology which overwhelms individual thoughts.

If you don’t conform to the world you are crucified by the world. The modern acceptance of homosexuality is a good example. Suddenly there are rainbow flags flying everywhere, including on government buildings. Anyone who dares to speak up and say how this sodomy was severely condemned by God, suddenly becomes an enemy of the people!

School programmes increasingly include references to “equality” in all things, including sexual preferences. In other words, our children are being taught that homosexuality is OK! One little boy was told it was OK for him to wear a dress to school! One might say that one sin is the same as another because all are dead under whatever sin it might happen to be, but we are talking about the brain washing of little children to believe that to live as the Sodomites did is alright!

So we have unrighteous people who are angry with righteous people, and righteous people who are angry with unrighteous people. So everyone ends up angry!

It is all a result of losing sight of God. Once the churches were the main stay of society – with good reason, because half of one’s family would die through disease, and the science of the times had little answer to it. Now facebook has become the god of the people, where modern opinion becomes moral law overnight.

So what are the churches doing about this? We see churches collapsing within the space of a generation or two, because the message is no longer relevant to this lifestyle. They are quarter full of old people, who die off and leave an empty building behind them, to be taken over as a dwelling or by a business.

We need the Spirit of Jesus to blow through these places of stale teaching and preaching. We need to see an overwhelming love that changes people so drastically that the community would wonder what struck them! Yes we need to see pulpit thumping again, but we also need to see tears and genuine heart change that outreaches, not to the poor, so much but also to the family and relatives of these regenerated Christians.

Christians need to be identifiable as new creations, as different [peculiar] people, who go out of their way to do good at every opportunity, who exude life and love. Yes this comes at a cost, but we need to compare this with His cost, and the cost of a soul, and the cost of hopelessness and despair in the world. We need to be enemies of the world by loving the world in the way that God does and has done.

Yes there is good reason to be angry about many things, but most of all we should be angry at sin, and at ourselves if we have not declared war on sin through the body of Jesus who himself overcame and became, all sin on our behalf.

[Our only war is the battle to accept within ourselves the victory he has achieved already]


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