You don’t have to scrape and bow and try to become worthy of forgiveness. You are already sons and daughters of the living God, and he has provided your forgiveness so you will be drawn to him, because he has done something to attract your attention.

Religion says you must do something or believe a set of beliefs or ritualistically cleanse yourself to even become worthy of forgiveness. Kind of defeats the whole point of it? You can do nothing to earn or merit or attract forgiveness or otherwise it would not be forgiveness.

Forgiveness starts with the recognition of the need for it. That without forgiveness there is no way to change the status quo of our inadequacy and deficient makeup, of being. If God is love and truth then that love and truth already exists without human aid to sustain it or even to prove it.

We readily accept that we are in far less than the desired position, unless we are unusually mentally deficient. Right and wrong, good and bad are observably considered as comparative, regardless of the mean or average standard of our personal experience of such.

But there has been given an absolute standard, which is one where there is no deficiency and no lack of provision of what is good and right, while what is wrong and bad is notably absent from the scene altogether. What draws us to this is that we sense our own identity is tied up in what we ultimately believe.

Any rituals or structures which are presented to us as a religious necessity to gain acceptance for forgiveness are not absolutes, but are only to be considered as tools or helps for us to gain understanding, and are there to bend our thinking towards that which God desires for us.

At stake is our very identity, and our consciousness of it. This is what materialises as we draw near to God through the sacrificial offering that has been made of and through the ultimate righteousness available, Jesus. As we accept forgiveness of our past and project our thinking forward into the future, we become receptive to the Spirit of God in the form of the risen Jesus who comes to help us in our acceptance of him.

As we, by this Spirit, begin to comprehend the nature of Christ and that we are now joined to Him and are participant in his nature, we become aware of our true identity as a son of God, and that our true self lies in His true self – that His true self is actually our true self as it was created to be. When we begin to apprehend the reality of our deficient (sinful) nature having been removed by the mercy of God, we begin to comprehend who we really are, in Him.

As Jesus said, that they might have life and have it more abundantly. In other words, the real, true life and identity that was intended from the beginning. We are not wiped out by “denying ourself”, we are established in identity the more fully, when we realise that our identity is the same as his, we are family, and we recognise our own individual selves as individuals who are loved by Him, and are thereby established in our own right and identity as a worthy child, known by name.

When we discover our identity as a child of God, we finally become who we were intended to be all along. As children of (the) righteousness, we have all things at our disposal, there is nothing that can hurt us, we are at one with Him. Rather than have lost our identity, we have found it*.

Forgiveness is free because love is freely given. There are no conditions to this love, you either believe it exists for you or you don’t. This love has wiped out your past, and the past of all people, so they can apprehend His present and so secure their future. His love has wiped out your past so you might dwell in its, his, present presence. This love continually cleanses you. You become the real you instead of the false you. You have moved beyond the physical realm and into that which is immersed in the spiritual, whose reality far exceeds earthly ones.

[Just as the law as an inferior structure came into fullness through love, so do we, as those who failed and ran foul of the law, do become the product of the reversal of our death state, and appreciators of the righteousness (and its identity) we have been given]

*[Matt 10-39][he that loses his life will find it]


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