There was a great kingdom, which was famous for everything that was good and wonderful. The king decided to increase the wonder and the good, so He made a sub kingdom with people who had similar characteristics to himself, to see if they could produce goodness and wonderful things in accordance with his instructions to them.

But they could not handle the truth, and distorted it so that instead of working for the wonder of the kingdom, they concentrated on working for themselves. Some of them did so at the extreme cost of many of the others, who suffered badly because of it. The king was not pleased, and sent his envoys to them to warn them of the consequences of continuing in this way.

But they killed the envoys. The king then brought consequences upon them as a warning of their impending doom, but again they did not listen. Realising there was something badly wrong with the people, he chose a few who did not seem to be as bad as the rest, and he destroyed the others who refused to respond to his goodness, who seemed to have so badly deviated from his own nature.

Starting again from this small stock of people, He again sent messengers to them so they might be given knowledge of what was required. Some of them responded well, and down through the ages, some brought forth the goodness that the king was looking for, but he realised he had to make plain to them exactly what was required, so He sent His son to show them how to live in order to produce this goodness he was expecting.

The son told them stories in ways they could understand, as well as some cryptic ones to make them think. He had not only come to show them his Father’s kingdom, but to show them how they could enter into it as well. Part of his mission was to use himself as an example of humanity so He could repair the damage done by their wayward thinking. He was going to do this at the end of his mission, when he would deliberately enter into the defect that had appeared in the chain of human reproduction, and having repaired it, then become an example of what was intended for all the people, and how they could achieve it.

This was going to be done in a way that would draw everybody’s attention to himself, by allowing himself to be raised up for all to see on a wooden stick. People would become aware that he had only done good to the people and that it was the evilness of their corrupted nature that had done this thing to him. Then by confronting this internal defect in mankind, through this same defect which occurred in himself, he would be able to overcome it and remove the thing that caused death, but not without considerable pain and suffering to Himself.

By removing death from his own being, he could then return to his father’s kingdom in the final intended form, by which He could then come back in a way that meant all men could have this death overcoming Spirit of life, as he gave it to them, and they took it.

The way in which this was to be received was to simply believe it to be true, centred on the simplicity of his death being meant to cover everybody. Of course this only had fullness of meaning when they believed it, because people’s minds could only be altered with their express consent and permission, and personal choice. The son promised that those who took up the challenge of denying their faulty natural heritage the right to express itself through them, on the basis of his word to them and his life given for them,  would receive the new Spirit that he was sending back to them.

The son had entered into the darkness of man’s spiritual position and overcome it. He had experienced the same thing that mankind experiences daily, being, separation from his father, and experiencing the effects of sin, of the inherent defect that all men had. He then drew men to himself and issued the new Spirit to alter their hearts, which was where the poison of alienation from his father was lodged. As they believed in the abolishment of death so they could receive the Spirit of life, their thinking was changed to be like His thinking, and like His actions.

The son reflected on what had been done. He reflected on how it was the acceptance of the Father’s love that was the real issue involved, and that the first step to this was belief in what that love had done for them. That He, His love, WAS our forgiveness, and it was always available and unceasing in its intention and action towards us. That this love longs to embrace us face to face but which it cannot fully do while we are in this present earthly form. That we first have to believe and cleave to Him and His Spirit of life so that we might grow into his love, so that by becoming like Him, we can finally join Him without the inherent defect having controlled us and ruined us as a final acceptable product.

Our faith in what He has done, and thereby in who He is, destroys the power of the internal defect which is only established and maintained by the presence of the lie that says God is not love, does not care, and will not keep his promise. As we see the result of that promise emerging in our lives, based on His love already demonstrated as the ongoing covenant power to remove sin and death, we are assured of the reality of His truth, His love, and his integrity.

Cparable Cking


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