Unless this piece of scripture is somehow accidental (or incidental) then it relates a spiritual principle of considerable importance. Jesus had said, “Who touched me..” so inherent in her healing was the coincidence or necessity of “virtue” going from Him to her.

This old word “virtue” must be meaning “righteousness” in modern parlance, and shows the loss of something from the healer, to the healed. Forgiveness is similar, but I am talking about the cross of course, again, still, and we see a principle that righteousness is needed, and suffers loss, when confronted with anything which is not of God.

On the cross, Jesus was confronted with the unrighteousness of human nature, as it was that which was also included in HIS human nature, and contrary to popular theology. In order for His own body to be healed of the “eternal flaw”, the healing of himself was going to include the loss of righteousness from the perfect to that which was imperfect, the inner lie structure of “the devil”.

Jesus was perfect in Spirit, but imperfect in his humanity, just like us. This is why He came, to destroy the works of unrighteousness. He had to suffer loss in order to gain the redemption of his own body, and then that of mankind. Love hurts, love suffers, this is what love is and does. The giving of his righteousness to suffer in conflict with our unrighteousness, and to completely overcome it, was why He came.

[He himself is our forgiveness]


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