Amidst all the uncertainty of Christian teaching, there is one certainty you can rely on – No, two. That your sin became null and void as far as God is concerned, and that your sin then becomes your property to either release or hang on to.

Sin was the instrument that brought death to you, as it separated you from God. It was empowered by law, or in other words, the reality of what you had done, was imprinted in your mind and heart.

You release your sin as you desire to release it – in accordance with how much it means to you to either release it or hang on to it. If it means a lot to you that you can let go of it, then you will be appreciative towards the one who enabled you to so release it.

So if your sin induced death has become central to your soul, to the detriment of your life, then being released from it will mean a change in you and a renewal of all things. But if sin is central to the life you want to retain, you will choose to retain it. You and your sin will remain in the death of it.

The message God brings to us is that His love has dealt with our sin by causing grief in His heart by the hurting of His Son. That the nature of love deals with sin by hurting on its account, that love has no option in the matter, it cannot do otherwise. So God suffered through the pain that was affecting His Son. [As the Son did also]

This is when your sin first was removed from your account, when the love of God registered pain within in accordance with the pain in his Son’s body. Unrecognised by us, the fact that God is love, and acts as a parent to his children, means that He suffers all sin and disruption to his creation, He takes responsibility for it.

The fact that your sin has been accounted for, does not automatically mean that your death has been removed. It has potentially been removed, but it needs your agreeance to having your sin removed, to having your sin death removed, for it to be so. You have to believe it into reality. It’s truth  has to wash the previous sin death reality away.

This is the second time your sin is removed, dealt with, this time by you, as you readily agree with His truth, the truth of His love having acted in demonstration of HIS reality towards you.

The first time is when your sin is removed from eternity, done by Jesus. The second is when your death from sin is removed, done by you. Or done by the Spirit, which then enters new life into you. It is recognition that God’s price for our recovery from death was paid in pain by His love for His Son, and His love for us, his other sons.

So it was not blood, and it was not that our sin was removed on the cross, though it was. No it was that our sin was removed when we assented to, confessed that, God who is love removed it for us, suffered it for us, so we would be empowered by our trust in Him to then complete the transaction and release ourselves from it’s grip. So it was love that did it.

We were bought with a price. Just as His body was glorified, let us allow the establishment of  the glorification of our own body to honour His victory on our behalf. That we may recognise Him for who He is and trust in His loving sacrifice. So we allow him to establish His glory in our own mortal bodies, within the promise He has given, that, in Christ, we see fulfilled on His part. Let us step into this promise of eternal life, by joining with His Son in the high places of redemptive victory.

Believing in Him on the cross will bring him back to you to give you new and revitalised life. You and He will share a new adventure together in which you will be empowered over death, and the true meaning of life will be in you, and never leave you.


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