“The prayer of a righteous man availeth much”. This is old language for ‘there is power in righteousness’. Jesus was the most righteous man who ever lived. His power is not disputed and his life demonstrated the power of healing and miracles.

Various prophets in the past also did miracles, but now “God has spoken to us by a son”.  “If this man were not from God He could do nothing”. Jesus said we should ask if we believe, and it will be done for us. There were conditions to this, which represented how faithful we are and whether we truly believed. This was not divorced from the fact that we are human, as Elijah is quoted as a man of like passions as us, and through him the heavens were closed.

Because God is righteousness, IE goodness and love and all that is right – This means that everyone who is in accord with him and his very nature, His very Spirit, will be connected to Him and will be able to influence situations just as Jesus did. Paul and the disciples, the apostles, also demonstrated the power of God. Yet a demonstration of God’s power is not always what is required, nor desirable, because if it is faith that is being tested, there may have to be endurance and testing, building of character before relief.

Since it is the love of God that works His power, we also should see to it that we are loving towards all people, that some might be saved. We are to be the demonstration of the new creation to the world, to those who are of, and in, the old creation. We are to be those of the cross of Christ, “by which the world is crucified to me and I to the world”. In the world but not of the world.

[It was everything that was right about Jesus that overcame everything that was wrong in him that was of us, and this continues to be the case for us also]


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